Antalis joins with Reconomy to improve sustainable waste management

July 22, 2021

Antalis and Reconomy’s new alliance is designed to support customers with managing their waste in the most responsible way possible.

Working alongside partner Reconomy, Antalis offer a coherent, knowledge-based approach to waste and recycling, engaging the whole supply chain. The joint service approach can help customers access current waste management practices, get advice on reducing waste and making more sustainable product choices, as well as receive proposals about how to manage their waste more effectively - whilst saving time and money.

With a network of over 150 recycling contractors, Reconomy is a market-leading provider of outsourced recycling and resource management services and is an expert in managing waste from the print industry. They co-ordinate more than 12,000 waste movements every week and annually manage approximately 3m tonnes of waste.

The Antalis and Reconomy partnership is designed to support our customers with managing their waste in the most responsible way possible, and the services Reconomy offer are certified by BPIF and endorsed by BOSS Federation. With consumer focus firmly fixed on the ecological effects of waste, brand owners are recognising the higher demand for more environmental practices. This is impacting directly on supply chain choices, and as an industry we also need to promote and reinforce change to ensure it is implemented.”

Chris Green, Director of Visual Communications at Antalis UK

The joint initiative aims to promote not only 100% environmental accountability on behalf of the print industry, but to advise and offer alternative substrate choices based on environmental impact.

Chris from Antalis says: “Printers inherently like to control their waste streams, especially where there is revenue involved. This practice, however, can take valuable resources away from the core activities of the business. Outsourcing this service allows our customers to put waste management in the hands of industry experts that you can trust and ensures the best environmental solution in handling different types of material waste.”

Every aspect of the process needs to be considered, from the appropriate choice of substrates, which will influence whether the material will be recycled, recovered, or landfilled when it becomes an end-of-life item. The process starts with an audit to assess current processes. From this, a waste report and proposal with recommended contractors, estimated savings, environmental compliance advice, as well as alternative environmental substrate options, can be provided.

“We want to educate and inspire companies with waste and sustainability challenges to think differently and embrace new concepts to create measurable business advantages – for more information contact your local Antalis representative or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,” adds Chris.

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