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HEXIS Group announce an investment plan of €17 million

A commitment of €17 million supports the company's five-year strategic plan up to 2020. These investments simultaneously involve the acquisition of lands, the modernization of production tools and the addition of a new manufacturing line.

This plan will enable the HEXIS Group to own 2 fully autonomous production sites, which is crucial for the sustainability and the deployment of the HEXIS Group over 2020. This enlarged production capacity will also allow the HEXIS Group to become a major player in the field of high-tech products.

Land Acquisitions
The acquisition in September 2017 of a plot next to the head office in Frontignan, will make it possible to redefine flows and to strengthen the safety of assets and people.

In the HEXIS subsidiaries located in Spain, West Indies and Scandinavia, new lands will allow the construction of administration, logistics and training buildings. These premises will strengthen the subsidiaries' independence, enhance responsiveness and customer service.

New Production Line
In the second factory based in Hagetmau, the construction and launch in 2018 of a new casting line (CAST 4) in a controlled environment will significantly increase the production capacity for special and technical product ranges. This new equipment will consequently free up production capacities in the Frontignan factory and increase the company's reactivity and flexibility.

In addition, new peripheral equipment such as cutting and packaging lines are currently being installed, making the Hagetmau factory 100% autonomous.

Modernization of the Factories
Two additional VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) processing units will be coupled with the current production equipment in Frontignan and Hagetmau. They will take care of the environmental treatment of the new production capacities and will secure production times. These new thermal oxidizers will increase the development capacity of both production sites of the group.

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