Elitron’s impressive range of multi-function, industrial systems have changed digital cutting production for the better

October 01, 2021
 “Our goal is to help our customers to perform their job quickly and with higher profits… in other words Better!” “Our goal is to help our customers to perform their job quickly and with higher profits… in other words Better!”

Elitron Cutting Systems now offer an unrivalled performance dedicated to respond to the new requirements of today’s ever increasing market demands., Elitron systems automate production with fewer delays and reduce labour costs. The combination of unprecedented speed and performance offer a cutting system unlike anything the market has previously seen.

It all started over 30 years ago, with Giuseppe Gallucci’s dream of revolutionize the leather cutting industry in the Marche Region of Italy, a region which traditionally has a high concentration of footwear production.

Today, Elitron’s hi-tech systems offer high quality solutions for sign and graphics, packaging, apparel, aeronautical, maritime, automotive, gaskets and composites sectors, as well as many technical materials. The new generation of cutting systems and software design packages offer high quality solutions ensuring increased levels of production with impressive results.

With technology and innovation firmly at their core, Elitron machines have evolved from a simple dream, to state-of-the-art systems dedicated to automating workflow for both material rolls and rigid sheets. 

Seeker System PRO 

Thanks to the innovative vision system patented by Elitron, Seeker System PRO increases productivity during every single working cycle. It’s now enough to simply position the sheet freely on the working area.  A dual camera system automatically scans the entire working area, recognises the printed images, loads the relative cutting file and identifies the position of the reference points. One click is then all it takes to start cutting. Different materials can be processed simultaneously, without having to place the sheets in any particular position on the working area.

Multi-tool Cutting Head

With every job requiring a dedicated tool, the robust multi-tool head can hold a range of tools for all materials. Designed for an easy and quick set-up the cutting head ensures maximum flexibility The automatic pre-set function allows the operator to change the tools in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, the impressive software features allow different materials to be worked during the same production session completing jobs at unbeatable speeds.

Video Projection

The powerful high resolution bright video projection system allows the operator to simple and effectively position the shapes to be cut directly on the material, even on small leftovers or scraps, optimising material yield and thus reducing wastage. The nesting can be done even in the automatic mode as well as in interactive mode.

Suction System and Sectored Plan

Robust solid cellular steel structure combined with the powerful suction system ensures perfect material hold. Fast software management of the individual vacuum sectors automatically activates where necessary concentrating the suction power in total, progressive and partial mode, only where needed.

Elitron Cutting System can integrate into your production, automate workflow, increase quality and reducing finishing times. Ideal for working with both material rolls and rigid sheets.

Elitron personal demonstrations can be arranged at Atech’s demonstration centre in Welwyn Garden City or if you are FESPA Amsterdam 12th – 15th October appointments can be made through Atech.

For further information on Atech, please visit atech.co.uk.

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