New higher-performance desktop digital cutter from Graphtec GB

December 14, 2020

To replace the CE Lite-50 small-format digital cutter, Graphtec GB has launched the widest and most cost-effective addition to its range of Silhouette Cameo machines. Called the Silhouette Cameo 4 Pro, it is packed with performance-enhancing design features (including those already found on the Cameo 4 and Plus 4 machines) to provide a radically increased 610mm (24-inch) cutting width (representing a 100 per cent increase over existing Silhouette Cameo machines) and a maximum cutting speed that is three times faster than the Cameo 3 option. The Cameo 4 Pro also has an enhanced cutting force of 5kg, enabling the processing of a much wider range of media and in particular those that are thicker and invariably more complex that other similarly positioned cutters might find too challenging.

In addition to the much wider cutting carriage, key design features of the Cameo 4 Pro include an adjustable clip-on roll feeder and vinyl cross-cutter for consistently cleaner and more precise cutting accuracy, a more efficient LED backlit multi-functional control panel that replaces the LCD touchscreen of the Cameo 3, an increased three-millimetre head clearance and three new auto-detect blade attachments, including a deep-cut version to enable the processing of thicker materials. The Cameo 4 Pro is also supplied, as standard, with Silhouette Studio software and the option of three further Silhouette Studio programs (Designer, Designer Plus and Business) to accommodate additional cutting applications if required.

Other enhancements for the Cameo 4 Pro include a 2GB storage capacity, higher-speed internet connection for both PC and Mac platforms and a one-month free subscription to the Silhouette Design Store housing a huge selection of downloadable images and special effects.

In conjunction with a relatively inexpensive digital printer, the Cameo 4 Pro provides a perfect low-cost print and cut solution for a wide range of applications involving the use of an equally diverse range of media and including, for example, heat transfer, self-adhesive vinyl, heavier (up to 350gsm) cardstock, vellum, magnetic paper and rhinestone. It is an ideal and more cost-effective solution to the production of small signs and labels used for packaging, digital prints, customised print wear and promotional products and vehicle personalisation (including partial wrapping and special effects).  

The Cameo 4 Pro comes with a two-year performance warranty and full ongoing technical support.

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