Sawgrass launches Ultra-HD FLEX sublimation inks for the Virtuoso HD product decorating system

October 26, 2018

Sawgrass officially launched today at SGIA Expo 2018 the new Ultra-HD FLEX set eight-color sublimation inks for the Virtuoso HD Product Decorating System with VJ 628 Printers. The first of a whole new family of eight-color sublimation inks, Ultra-HD FLEX is designed to eliminate the long-standing trade-off between the need for vivid color and tremendous detail. It has been named a 2018 SGIA Product of the Year award for Digital Inks – Textile in the under 24-inch width category.

“Ultra-HD FLEX is a unique eight-color ink set that offers true fluorescents, a whole palette of spot colors and the deepest, most neutral blacks of any Sawgrass ink,” said Darcy Mauro, President of Sawgrass. “It achieves an incredible balance between the need for spot-on color, photo-realistic images and fine detail as small as eight-point text within a single ink set. It’s already been recognized by one of the foremost authorities in the industry for its quality and versatility. Now, we hope our customers will see how it can give them more streamlined and efficient production.”

Sawgrass developed Ultra-HD FLEX in response to the needs of creative entrepreneurs who are looking for the ultimate flexibility in an eight-color ink set. It brings together the versatility of having CMYK, plus light cyan and light magenta inks in one set, then adds true fluorescent yellow and pink capabilities that can easily blend to create a pre-programmed palette of 64 spot colors when used with Virtuoso Print Manager.

Ultra-HD FLEX then sets the bar even higher by offering superior sharpness on text reproduction down to eight points in size. It can also produce even deeper and more natural blacks, as well as more photo-realistic images comparable to SubliJet-HD Pro Photo inks. Ultra-HD FLEX will be the first Sawgrass ink set offered in CMYK processing, allowing for color accuracy from screen to finished product when used with Virtuoso Print Manger 7.0.

Sawgrass plans to release a major update to Virtuoso Print Manger in Q1 2019, and with this new release, Ultra-HD FLEX will be able to offer customers even greater use. Virtuoso Print Manager 7.0 will allow Ultra-HD FLEX users to print fluorescent spot colors and images designed in CYMK color mode without having to use expensive and often complex RIP software. The profiles in Virtuoso Print Manger 7.0 will also enable users to get the most color benefit from Ultra-HD FLEX’s deeper blacks.

As with all ink sets for the Virtuoso HD Product Decorating System with the VJ 628 printer, Ultra-HD FLEX meets all G7 international standards for matching color and producing consistent print quality on various media. Sawgrass is one of the only sublimation companies in the world have attained G7 Master Qualification and has been re-certified for the third consecutive year. For customers, this means those who utilize Sawgrass color profiles for the VJ 628 printer can count on color consistency from proof to print, as well as repeatable vivid colors across substrates.

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