Crossing the borders visualcom, Guandong advances and relaunches

October 08, 2021
The new strategy aims at a network of complementary companies with a mutual exchange of company shares. First agreement signed with Indigital The new strategy aims at a network of complementary companies with a mutual exchange of company shares. First agreement signed with Indigital

Guandong, now known in Europe as “the SpecialitieSpecialist”, together with Viscom Italia, will be present at FESPA to present the new print media developed by its own internal R&D. “The visualcom market is now ripe: in order to encourage its growth, it is necessary to invest in research and, at the same time, to join forces with other realities, giving life to new points of reference and unprecedented projects,” affirms Daniele Faoro, Guandong Italia's Team Principal, illustrating the new company vision. In fact, Guandong intends to go beyond the boundaries of the visual communication market by creating networks consisting of small and medium-sized companies, linked by common goals regarding market development. “Synergy without homologation, that is to say, working as a group while still maintaining and developing what renders each company unique,” explains Faoro. The recipe for this is the mutual exchange of company shares, in order to seal not only a mere declaration of intent, but a solid and lasting commitment.

This ambitious policy aimed at expanding markets and reaching new targets, passing on to the successful steps of the supply chain, is realized through a first agreement signed between Guandong and Indigital, a well-known distributor of materials and technologies, representing, therefore, a key passage between end users and the materials produced by Guandong. For some time, the two companies have been approaching the market by sharing a style of communication and initiatives, in order to support the awareness and culture of the sector, addressing operators and designers. “With Guandong we share the desire to expand the market by activating, on the one hand, a direct dialogue with end users of the applications that we are able to create, and on the other, contributing to the culture with tools such as tutorials, a presence at exhibition spaces, and value-added consultancy through new communication channels,” comments Claudio Rocca, co-owner of Indigital.

The operation is supported by the financial company ELVI Holding, which holds the majority stake in Guandong, and which has realised a substantial increase in share capital in order to financially support the network creation project.

The agreement between Guandong and Indigital represents a hitherto unprecedented in the market partnership between manufacturer and distributor. “This exchange is proof of a relationship of mutual esteem that will serve to develop innovative projects and create a pole of attraction for other companies operating in the sector, both Italian and foreign, given the consolidated penetration of Guandong within the European market and the Balkan area,” added Faoro, commenting on their medium/long-term strategy.

The technological foundations of the project were already laid in 2020, when ELVI Holding acquired 44% of the capital of Oniion, a company specializing in the design and outfitting of high-profile stores. Oniion can be rightfully considered the "test pilot" for the entire range of Guandong products.

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