Kavalan: Full compliance and certification status

February 22, 2021
Ultimate safety, strength & eco credentials for the true PVC replacement Ultimate safety, strength & eco credentials for the true PVC replacement

Kavalan Sunlight weldable and Kavalan Spiderweb 300 Mesh PVC-free banner material have both received secondary BS3424 Pt 4.6 Tensile Strength certification.

The Kavalan range already has tensile strength and tear resistance ratings but the additional accreditation is required by on-site engineers before building wraps are installed to check wind loads and ensure safety requirements.

In addition to its existing B1, EN 13501-1 and NFPA 701 fire ratings, this new certification further cements Kavalan’s safety status.

Education and disproving myths

The industry has long waited for a viable green alternative to PVC. Over the past decade several products have claimed this title but none have lived up to their eco promise – until now.

Not only has Kavalan surprised many with the way it resembles traditional PVC in its look and feel, it can also match it for strength. It has all of the advantages of PVC with none of its eco malignance. In fact, with its stringent eco accreditation including  LCA (Lifecycle Assessment) and REACH compliance – this PVC and phthalate-free material  blows traditional PVC banner out of the water. 

The ability to hold a weld is key to banner performance and Kavalan has proven itself.  In addition to its tensile accreditations, independent testing carried out by global welding titans FIAB, LEISTER and Miller Weldmaster all endorsed the product 100%, describing it as an industry game-changer.

The market misconception that a non-PVC material doesn’t cut it when it comes to real commercial outdoor environments no longer stands. Sports brands for example, have stringent sustainability targets, and now they can specify Kavalan for all their outdoor/stadium banner work knowing that they are using a green product that delivers on quality and performance.

These accreditations further enhance Kavalan’s already impressive credentials, proving without doubt its position as the true eco-replacement for traditional PVC banner.”

Damien Clarke, Sales Director (materials) CMYUK

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