New decal range that eliminates humidity from vinyl

April 23, 2021

Decal has announced the launch of the new vinyl anti-humidity collection range, which eliminates problems associated with vinyl humidity. The brand´s goal is to monetize Sign Graphics´ prints, finishes and applications, avoiding the waste of material and time.

The vinyl anti-humidity collection range and has declared “war” on humidity with a set of products that eliminate vinyl waving and curling in Sign Graphics jobs.

The aim of Digidelta’s adhesive consumables brand was to give answer to these problems that professionals face in their daily lives. Not only in the printing phase, but also in the finishing and application, making the process more profitable and speeding it up.

Among the direct benefits in printing, we highlight the reduction of cleaning and wear of the print heads, as well as the waste of consumables (vinyl and inks). In finishes, the alignment of the registration marks is protected and the laminations are now made without stains, crumples or bubbles.

Decal also wants to ensure agile applications with less effort. Positioning the vinyl becomes easier, the crumples and tears of the liner significantly decrease and changes in the relative humidity levels of each location are no longer a constant concern.

This new anti-humidity range includes both monomeric and polymeric vinyl and does not forget the ecological aspect, with PVC Free products. Several solutions for short and medium-term actions, which those who are interested can discover through a free sample kit.

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