New Grafityp products with new widths

February 04, 2020
Grafiprint M150HT Grafiprint M150HT

We are happy to inform you that we haven't been idle over the last couple of weeks. We are pleased to introduce the following new products/widths:


We recently added a new quality to our range of WALL DECO films. Grafiprint M150HT is a white matt print film with a thickness of 150 microns. The film comes with a transparent HIGH TACK adhesive, which guarantees a good adhesion when applied directly on painted walls, plaster, etc... Available in 1370mm x 25m.


Our etched glass film TR111 (polymeric - silver - air escape technology) was, until recently, only available in widths of 610mm and 1220mm. We are happy to inform you that this film will from now on also be offered in a width of 1525mm.


This extremely popular print film with ultra removable air escape adhesive will from now on, just like its glossy equivalent Mx112UR, be offered in three widths: 1050mm (new), 1370mm and 1525mm (new).

M-Series 1525mm and 1600mm

Reminder: M112P and M114P are now also available in a width of 1600mm

Reminder: M010R is now also available in a width of 1525mm

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