Now available in widths of up to 5 metres; Kavalan’s latest development in PVC-free materials

December 13, 2019

Since the official launch of Kavalan’s eco-friendly range of materials in FESPA 2017, the brand message and the supreme quality of our materials has been very well received in the large format printing industry. As coded in our innovative DNA, Taya’s R&D team continue to challenge themselves in breaking new barriers and in this quarter’s newsletter, we are proud to announce that all Kavalan products are now available in widths of up to 5 metres. With this announcement, it means that Kavalan is the first and only eco-friendly brand of materials that can supply several standard widths of up to 5 metres. These materials will further enhance and accommodate the needs of the large format printing industry.

Introducing Sunlight LIGHT and Spiderweb SUPER

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Sunlight has both the softness of non-PVC materials and the high strength of PVC materials. The new Sunlight LIGHT material is super lightweight, economical and perfect for exhibitions and roll up displays.

Spiderweb is a range of mesh materials in non-PVC fabric. The new Spiderweb SUPER offers “see-through” effects and yields the best possible image quality with superb colour density. Our secret production recipe makes Spiderweb SUPER ultra-durable and aesthetic

All Kavalan materials are PVC-free and have EU accreditations such as REACH, RoHS and 33P. The whole range is environmentally friendly. Because no substances and toxins such as Dioxins and HCl are released into the atmosphere, when they reach the end of their lives the materials can be safely incinerated with no harmful effects to the environment.

Kavalan is available in several standard widths of up to 5 metres and offers high image quality and colour density.

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