Unleash your creativity with RI-Mark Premium: The non plus ultra for sign makers needs

March 26, 2020

RI-Mark Premium is the flagship of Ritrama’s PVC film range for the cad-cam plotter sector; the high conformability and flexibility of the 60µ face allow to obtain excellent results even on complex surfaces - such as convex or concave - with staves and moulding.

The exclusive combination of the polymeric PVC face and the permanent, solvent-based acrylic adhesive is the top-notch on the current market. With RI-Mark Premium series products, you have the certainty of a product with excellent technical performances - comparable to that of CAST film - both in terms of adhesion to the substrate and versatility; with an average duration outdoors of 8/10 years.

The high quality of the PVC ensures high dimensional stability and good coverage of the substrate, for an excellent final result. The increased level of film coverage and combined high gloss allow the creation of any kind of decoration, even on very dark surfaces, without risk of colour alterations or discolouration over time.

In terms of workability, RI-Mark Premium allows excellent cutting and peel-off performance without adhesive residue thanks to the kraft paper support, for fast and easy product application.

The RI-Mark range includes other plotter films for a wide range of needs: from monomeric matt or gloss effect films, to translucent and transparent films; from special films with high visual impact to glitter films with metallic finishes.

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