And if the game gets tough, Weerg bets on steel

December 04, 2019
Further expansion of the production and warehouse department to ensure maximum efficiency Further expansion of the production and warehouse department to ensure maximum efficiency

The news in Weerg never ends. The innovative Italian e-commerce offering CNC and 3D online machining further expands the CNC materials catalogue with the introduction of two different types of steel, fully manufactured in Italy: C45, also known internationally as EN8 or AISI 1045m, and carbon steel 39 (39NiCrMo3), considered one of the best construction steels available on the market. Two new incorporations that respond to the great interest of customers for this alloy. In particular, C45 carbon steel, which can be reinforced with treatments and hardening in certain areas, offers medium strength and is used in the production of keys, shafts, knives, equipment, pins and spindles, but also in parts and components for the automotive, agricultural and construction sectors, as well as for various engineering applications. The carbon steel 39 with nickel and chromium, which Weerg offers in the "hardened and tempered" state of delivery, represents approximately 80% of the world's production of milled steel parts. In fact, thanks to the heat recovery treatment, it becomes much more resistant, versatile and tenacious, finding application in the construction of mechanical parts subjected to torsion, fatigue and dynamic stresses such as shafts, tie rods, gears, molds under tension and integral molds.

The introduction of this new material took about 6 months of preparation. “Before the launch we carried out several tests - explains Francesco Zanardo, general manager of Weerg. - In particular, we carried out an intense analysis to carefully select the tools to be implemented in our production line in order to ensure our users the same efficiency and versatility that is guaranteed for other materials”. The analysis carried out by the internal R&D department led to the choice of the best equipment available on the market and, in particular, Sandvik for drilling and Ceravitiz e Hitachi for sheet metal milling and integral milling. The Weerg set of machines, installed at its headquarters in Gardigiano (VE), is confirmed as unique in Italy and allows the deployment of high-end solutions for any type of machining. In fact, for the introduction of steel, 5 of the 10 Hermle C42U machining centres operating in the CNC department have been specifically equipped along with the latest Smooth model Mazak Integrex multitasking lathes. All plants work with 5 axes continuously and at Weerg they are constantly adjusted to the highest precision protocol. The versatility of the equipment allows to choose between different tolerance levels up to H7, highly demanded for the production of locking pins, shafts and bearings, especially for a hard material such as steel, with which it is not possible to force the coupling.

Delivery times for steel parts and components, for batches of up to 100 pieces, meet the standards guaranteed by Venetian e-commerce for other materials currently machined in CNC, including aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, delrin and nylon, and range from 5 to 15 days from order confirmation. Speed and efficiency, along with ease of use of the platform and online budget, have always been the founding assets of Weerg, born with the desire to bring simplicity, quality and punctuality to the field of mechanics and additive manufacturing. "Our aim is to offer a complete range of materials and to double current production by producing millions of different parts a year" - says Zanardo - "a desire that can only be achieved through perfect organisation and a workflow that allows both automation and precision, even in logistics". Weerg has recently updated its materials warehouse with the introduction of Modula, an innovative vertical storage system that allows sufficient space for all inventories. Currently, more than 13,000 quotation requests are transmitted daily via the platform, converting them into a daily average of 400 orders.

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