Innovation in software gives the finishing touch to inkjet prints

March 12, 2018

Global Graphics Software offers a new series of software screens that gives the "final touch" to the material obtained in inkjet presses. Advanced Inkjet Screens™ screens can be implemented in any workflow in the printing industry. Their flexibility allows them to be added to presses already available in the market or incorporated into an inkjet press that is still only a project.

Advanced Inkjet Screens™ softens imperfections caused by ink ejected on the substrate. There are two versions: the Pearl screen produces a very natural effect on more or less absorbent substrates, while the Mirror screen is perfect for non-absorbent substrates with a poor level of moisture, such as cans and flexible packaging, as well as for areas with Dense metallic ink.

"Most printing software assumes that a press can print a perfect dot grid," says product manager Tom Mooney. "In practice, in an inkjet press there are often variables that cause changes in the size, shape or position of each drop, although these individual droplets are very small, they eventually merge, creating irregularities and errors that They are often visible in the final print at the intended viewing distance.

"The measurement of the droplet generation characteristics and the interaction with the substrate allows us to adjust the shape of the halftone dots and the placement in the screening definition to mitigate the appearance of unwanted variables." The result is an impression that, visually, it is largely error-free because the optimized screen compensates for and masks the effect of errors in the printing process."

"They are particularly effective in cases where inkjet results will be sold as part of brand marketing, such as packaging, where our Advanced Inkjet Screens allow converters and label printers who want to use more inventory. cheap, or the same inventory as for flexographic printing, create salable products."

The Advanced Inkjet Screens will improve the quality of the printing from the first moment in numerous inkjet presses, since they are easy to implement. They can be applied to the back of any RIP that allows access to screen data without screening, such as Esko, thanks to the ultra high speed inkjet screening engine of Global Graphics: ScreenPro. Alternatively, they can be applied during processing on the Harlequin Host Renderer RIP®

Absorbent substrates

In fairly absorbent or wettable substrates the droplets tend to fuse along the surface of the substrate, which makes the presence of streaks visible. This is especially the case in halftones and three-quarters of tone. Pearl is an advanced screen (frequency modulated) dispersed that is optimized to offer natural images on a more or less absorbent substrate. It is especially oriented to address the irregularities related to stripes and concatenation.

Substrates non-absorbent and with poor level of moisture

In nonabsorbent substrates with a poor level of wetness, the prints are characterized by a mottled effect that looks like an orange peel. The trigger of the problem appears to be the shrinkage of the ink during drying and is especially noticeable in areas with a reasonably high total area coverage.

The Advanced Inkjet Screen Mirror screen It is designed with a microstructure whose purpose is to counteract the mottled or "orange peel" effect that can be observed when using solid colors on non-absorbent substrates or with a poor level of wetting, such as cans or some plastics such as certain flexible packaging. It is also useful when using dense inks, such as metallic inks, or when printing should not interfere with the smoothness of the reflection of a shiny substrate.

Global Graphics has a long history of screening innovation that goes back to its patented stochastic or FM screening technology of the 1990s. In the age of digital printing, and of inkjet in particular, Global Graphics has developed new screening technologies from scratch in response to the concerns of press manufacturers with regard to image quality in inkjet applications. single-pass ink.

  • Advanced Inkjet Screens expand the options available for high-quality text and images on inkjet presses
  • Can be used with any Adobe® PDF RIP , including Esko
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