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Evolution achieves high-end, higher-volume success with EFI VUTEk

EFI have reported that Northampton, U.K-based graphics production company Evolution has installed an EFI™ VUTEk® GS3250lx Pro LED hybrid roll/flatbed printer. Evolution chose the 3.2-metre wide printer for its speed, quality of build, and low downtime and running costs.

Previously, when its superwide-format graphics work volumes became too large, the company often outsourced to other providers. Now, Evolution can produce that work in-house with a printer that is several times faster than its old flatbed printer.

Although Evolution's machine operators are new to using the printer, they were able to get trained quickly, taking very little time to start producing high volumes of work - more than 200 2440mm x 1220mm panels a day for clients.

"These are not simple 200-panel runs but a combination of large runs and small off-jobs, as well as back-printed acrylic - a real mix of jobs on various thickness of materials," Evolution Managing Director Andy Mycroft said. The best the company's previous flatbed machine could do, according to Mycroft, was 28 panels per day.

A brilliant solution for backlits

As a large part of the company's work now involves interior and illuminated displays, Evolution chose its new VUTEk LED printer not only because they already knew how well it is built and how little downtime its users experience, but also because they needed the printer's 3.2 metre platform and white ink capabilities. Plus, the premium quality the printer delivers with its 7 picolitre UItraDrop Technology print heads meet the needs of demanding retail industry clients seeking the type of point-of-purchase backlit graphics critical in creating modern-day, high-end retail shopping experiences.

EFI™ VUTEk® GS3250lx Pro LED hybrid roll/flatbed printer

Prior to the purchase, Evolution's staff and executives were familiar with the quality and capabilities possible with VUTEk technology. Evolution had planned buying the printer two years ago, but a nearby printing company made an offer too good to turn down, using a VUTEk printer to produce all of Evolution's overflow work at a very competitive cost. 

Today, however, Evolution's workload has changed and so has the type of work. Real estate developers make up a large portion of Evolution's customer base. The company now prints many more hoarding panels than it used to, and wanted to produce the work in-house to take advantage of an expanding market opportunity.

Huge savings in production costs for hoarding panels

"It's early, but we can already see there's a lot more the VUTEk GS3250lx Pro can do in terms of quantity," says Mycroft. "Its print costs are also a welcome savings over the flatbed. They're at around a quarter of its cost."

Evolution is celebrating its 10th anniversary as a company this month and, during that time span, it has grown into the go-to sign supplier for housing developers, while also servicing a large number of retail clients. The company has 45 full-time employees with 10 two-man installation teams covering the whole of the U.K. The company not only supplies signage for developers, but also designs mini retail environments to help developers up-sell their premium options for carpets, kitchen flooring and other amenities.

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