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Stratasys has seemingly thrown the 3D printing rule book out the window by launching another industry first with its market-disruptive full colour 3D printer - the J750 - that can mix-and-match full colour material gradients to produce product-matching colour prototypes without the time consuming need for post-processing.

ed world feb 2016 3d printingThe majority of PSPs will continue to scratch their heads when it comes to how 3D printing can work for their business, alongside the few who have already put a toe in the water and have made minor investments in desktop 3D printing technology, mostly just to have a play and see if they can figure the angles on where the market might be headed.

The 3D print market is growing at an unprecedented rate, but now more graphic arts printing companies can find out about 3D printing following the completion of a reseller agreement between Antalis and Art Systems.

Stratasys has appointed Andy Middleton to President of Stratasys EMEA following his previous role as Senior VP and General Manager. Middleton will assume responsibility for Stratasys' EMEA team along with overall responsibility for driving the expansion and development of the Stratasys brand and proposition in EMEA.

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