Successful product previews for bergertextiles at FESPA Munich 2019

June 24, 2019
The Big 5 bergertextiles stand at FESPA Global Print Show 2019 The Big 5 bergertextiles stand at FESPA Global Print Show 2019

bergertextiles, specialists in digitally printed textiles, used the recent FESPA Global Print Expo 2019 (14-17 May, Munich, Germany) as the platform to introduce five of its products for the textile printing market.

Exhibiting for the 11th time, the company showcased its 'Big 5' new products including:

  • be.tex® Blackback Zebra FR and be.tex® Whiteback Zebra FR
  • be.tex® Latfinity FR
  • be.tex® Samba® Twin FR
  • be.tex® green Samba® FR
  • be.tex® green Valuetex FR

bergertextiles also used the event to highlight its partnerships with some of the leading manufacturers and brands in the industry.

Product innovations

At FESPA 2019 bergertextiles introduced its latest eco-friendly fabrics, be.tex® green Samba® FR and be.tex® green Valuetex. According to CEO Daniel Liba, the sustainable products were very well received: "Visitors to our stand were able to experience our two new sustainable materials that are produced from recycled PET bottles. These products were very popular with visitors, in keeping with the wider trend towards sustainability we're seeing within the print market and across FESPA."

Liba continues: "be.tex® green Samba® FR and be.tex® green Valuetex FR, deliver the same end-quality as our other textiles, but the fact that they use recycled materials makes them a positive alternative for more environmentally conscious print service providers (PSP) and their customers as well as retailers. The introduction of these 'green' materials to our range enables us to position ourselves for the future as a sustainable provider of textile materials."

bergertextiles also introduced two new blackout materials - be.tex® Blackback Zebra FR for sublimation printing and be.tex® Whiteback Zebra FR. The fabrics, which are currently available in 3.20 metres, deliver less shrinkage, more scratch resistance and a sheerer white. The materials also offer perfect stretch for frame systems and a colour boosting system for brilliant colour quality on the finished product.

Traditionally, latex coatings on lightbox textiles have created performance challenges due to their scratch-resistance properties. With bergertextiles' new be.tex® Latfinity FR fabric, PSPs can achieve dense black with no 'gleam' on the end result.

be.tex® Samba® Twin FR is the latest version of bergertextiles' original Samba® FR, which is now available in 5 metres. The Samba® Twin means that printers can benefit from the advantages of the original product but in a larger size. The Samba® Twin FR is suitable for mega-sized backlights and displays in locations such as exhibitions and airports.


At FESPA 2019, bergertextiles also hosted a daily 'Expert Forum' in co-operation with partners including Durst, HP, Caldera, Tectex, Multiplot and Vivalyte. The sessions provided visitors with comprehensive information including facts, techniques, applications and future trends across a host of subjects such as frameless wallpaper, dynamic lightboxes, dye-sublimation and RGB workflow.

bergertextiles showcased its products and partner collaborations over three walls produced by Agfa, EFI and Durst. Agfa also produced a banner for bergertextiles' new dynamic lightbox provided by Vivalyte. Using LED-panels, the lightbox makes it possible to create fascinating animations with a single printed fabric, illustrating the creative scope of the be.tex® product range.

Working with these expert partners enabled us to provide our customers and visitors to our stand with comprehensive information about our materials, including how to create stand-out applications using our products. Demonstrating these collaborations through the Expert Forum and our own stand design, we highlighted the breadth of our portfolio and what can be achieved using digitally printable textiles. All-in-all we were really satisfied with FESPA 2019: our team's performance, the cooperation with our partners and the positive feedback from visitors. It was the perfect launchpad for our 'Big 5'", concludes Daniel Liba.

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