What is next for wide format print?

March 12, 2018

As a data-driven activity, print is prime for automation and while the sector is starting to invest in its automated processes, adoption has been fragmented for the most part. In order to realize the full benefits automation delivers, the industry needs to adopt a fully automated approach.

The most sophisticated wide format automation platforms now offer powerful linking tools to the cloud, which offers print organizations full control over all facets of the production process through a single interface, regardless of location. As well as synchronising monitoring and management of every printer across all sites, the cloud can also be used to back-up profiles and settings from every device on the network, ensuring recovery of vital data should any network disruption occur.

Features such as ‘track and trace’ using QR codes, complementary apps and dynamic nesting for media saving are now all within the operator’s armory with the right cloud-based automation platform.

PrintFactory has been working on a number of software enhancements which will soon be available, offering improved nesting automation, which will make nesting, ganging and tracking jobs even easier. By employing this game-changing technology, organizations will have the ability to run a total lights-out operation with maximum efficiency gains.

Another important development in wide format is the ability for machines to feed back data in real-time. The rise of industry 4.0 means that, rather than valuable information being lost on the busy production floor, print shops can rely on data-driven insights to inform vital operational decision making. With unprecedented scalability and reliability within reach, forward-thinking organizations of any size can leverage these workflow solutions.

To learn more about the future of print, watch our new video below:

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