Public Artist Creates Stunning Mural on Dibond Aluminum Composite

September 06, 2018

At the Morley Nelson Community Center in West Boise, public artist Marcus Pierce completed a three-paneled mural named “Vision of Species.” The pieces were created using acrylic and automotive polyurethane on a Dibond aluminum composite backing.

Pierce explains, “The mural is largely about vision between species—how humans see and how other species see. For me, I’ve always been interested in the relationship between humans and other animals, especially animals who possess super-human abilities.”

The joint project with Boise School District was part of Boise City’s Public Art Program. The project from 2009-2010 featured a variety of artists who completed a series of murals, sculptures, installations and mosaics across Boise public spaces. The locations of the artworks included libraries, airports, parks, police/fire stations and public works. Boise’s Public Art is valued at $4 million and increases annually with the addition of each new piece.

Marcus Pierce’s murals are hand-painted and often funded by government public art grants but is also commissioned by businesses and even other artists. The muralist currently resides in New York City where his works can be viewed across Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Interestingly, a few years after his Morley Nelson mural, Pierce submitted a proposal for another Dibond backed series. He was inspired by the Zoo Boise’s significant contributions to the preservation of endangered species.

Pierce quotes, “One of the biggest threats to endangered wildlife species is the depletion of their natural habitats by humans. With this series of murals, the tables have turned. Rather than humans taking over the natural environments of animals, animals have taken over our habitats.” To achieve this juxtaposition, Pierce depicted the animals in an “atypical context” to showcase the viewer’s interpretation of animals taking over our habitat.

Although this particular project never came to fruition, his works continue to impress with the hefty variety of substrates and context he uses. No two works are the same, allowing the artist to be commissioned for venues from stadiums to album launches to restaurant interiors.

information courtesy of Marcus Pierce
photography courtesy of Boise City Dept of Arts & History

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