A Lesson from Geek Wraps Color It™ Wrap Training Videos

April 08, 2020

Make factory paint look even better with just a few Color It™ accents! Learn from Geek Wraps Color It™ training.

Color It™ is a new wrap training class offered exclusively by Geek Wraps University. This course is all about Cars. You will learn to wrap Top, Bottom and All Over. This is a full 3 Day program just for changing the color of a car. Along with the full wraps, our class also features color accents.

There are a number of reasons to attend Geek Wraps Color It™ wrap training.

  • You may be interested in starting a new business and getting in on this exciting, profitable industry. Geek Wraps U does welcome all skill levels to our training.
  • Already offer advertising wraps? Color change can add to your revenue stream.
  • This is a great class for Tinters and PPF installers looking to acquire a new installation skill, and car detailers that are already removing wraps can learn to install as well.

Making money just got easier with Color It™ Wrap Training. Provided by the world class Geek Wraps training center, you can learn everything you need to know about color change wrapping.

It’s a great class for all car enthusiasts!

Why Geek Wraps? Check out our Google Reviews and see why we are the #1 rated training center. We train folks from all corners of the world!

If you like having fun while you’re making money, then Color It™ Wrap Training just may be for you! With this racing stripe kit offer, you can experience for yourself if installing is as much fun as you have imagined it would be. And you can receive a really nice discount if you decide to book the Color It™ wrap training.

Follow the link to order the Racing Stripe Kit for $49.95 from Geek Wraps factory store; www.wraptools.com/Racing-Stri... (this is a $150 value). Once you receive your racing stripe kit, install the stripes following Jose’s instruction in this video

Now that you have a great looking Color It™ accent wrap on your vehicle and three of our New Geek Wraps Hydro Edge Multi Flex Squeegees, it’s time to book your training and take advantage of the $250 discount.

Call Geek Wraps to book the Color It™ training at Geek Wraps U and use the unique code received by email after you purchased the kit for the full $250 discount on your training. You will be getting this kit with the squeegees free and a discount to boot when you book your training.

You can always call Geek Wraps (954-351-1501) with any questions, for more information, and to book your slot in any of our training programs.

Geek Wraps is located in central Fort Lauderdale in sunny south Florida not far from the beach.

Get more information on Color It™ wrap training here: www.geekwrapsu.com/color-change-tr...

Order Your Racing Stripe Kit Here: www.wraptools.com/Racing-Stri...

For further information on Geek Wraps, please visit www.geekwrapsu.com.

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