Duo of ‘workhorse’ HP Latex 3600 printers opens up more high-end applications for Surface Print

November 03, 2021
Wallpaper manufacturing business Surface Print says its two new HP Latex 3600 printers have opened up new applications and reduced lead times by two thirds Wallpaper manufacturing business Surface Print says its two new HP Latex 3600 printers have opened up new applications and reduced lead times by two thirds

Family-run wallpaper manufacturing business Surface Print says its decision to invest in an additional duo of HP Latex 3600 Printers has opened up a range of markets, enabling customers to expand their offerings with ‘exciting’ new high-end products.

Founded in 1990 and based in Clayton le Moors in Lancashire, Surface Print has been producing luxury wallcoverings for clients both in the UK and around the world for over 30 years, printing with a wide range of techniques.

However, it is the company’s advancements in digital print technology that has underpinned its position as a market leader. By blending analogue and digital printing techniques, Surface Print sets itself apart, achieving highly creative designs and finishes. Wallpaper can be printed using a traditional method and over-printed with digital details, or vice versa, opening up a new world of possibilities.

HP printers have played a key role in this evolution, with the company already having in place three HP Latex 570 Printers and three HP Latex 3600 machines. However, such was the level of demand for its products and services that Surface Print took on an additional two HP Latex 3600 printers in July 2021.

“There is an expectation of short lead times with digital printing, so we invested accordingly,” said Jason Gilliat, Business Development Manager at Surface Print. “The HP Latex 3600 printers are renowned as being the workhorses of the industry and have a proven track record for quality, versatility, reliability and robustness.”

Since authorised HP reseller Perfect Colours installed the machines this summer, Surface Print has noted a marked improvement in its production efficiency.

“The investment in the two new machines has massively increased our capacity and helped us to reduce lead times by two thirds,” Jason Gilliat said. “We can facilitate greater volume for our trade print partners and at the same time have spare capacity for the R&D of new application possibilities and mixed processes.

“We have mainly been using the two new HP Latex 3600 machines to print both coated and uncoated non-woven material, including specialist materials such as grass-cloth, cork, paper weave and textiles. This has in turn added a new dimension to digitally printed applications.”

The two new HP Latex 3600 printers now form an essential part of production at Surface Print. Jason Gilliat said combining the digital capabilities of the HP Latex printers with the traditional print operations at Surface Print offers the company a significant advantage over its competitors.

“Our digital facility and HP Latex machines complement our traditional print operation. While they are very different processes, they work together to provide our clients with a creative wallpaper production facility that offers something quite unique within the industry,” Jason concludes.

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