DIMENSE™ digital 3D wallpaper printing technology is taking over Europe Featured

June 26, 2018

Veika, the innovative wallpaper materials producer from Lithuania, has completed the first stage of DIMENSE technology’s expansion. The company now has signed distribution agreements with partners in eight key markets in Europe: Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Russia, Poland, Scandinavia, Turkey and Romania. Dr. Aleksey Etin, CTO of Veika, says: “We have set ourselves an ambitious target and we have reached it. A number of DIMENSOR S printers have already been installed at our clients’ premises, their personnel has been trained and the clients are successfully using the DIMENSE technology in their markets. We have received a lot of positive feedback and we are very happy about it. Now we are moving to the second stage and will be looking for distributors in Spain, Portugal, France, The Baltic States, Belgium, the Netherlands, Ukraine, the Check Republic. We also start looking at the US market, where we plan to launch the technology in 2019.”

DIMENSETM technology does exactly what its name implies – it “dimenses“ digital printing. This pioneering technology makes it possible to print unique embossing at the same time as the item is digitally printed at virtually any size and without repeating the embossing pattern. So structure and motif can be perfectly matched to each other, or the structure may be completely different than the picture itself – it all depends on the designer’s creativity. In order to achieve this result, Veika offers a complete solution: the Dimensor S printer, media and water based latex inks.

Examples of DIMENSE™ prints

As Veika’s specialization is innovative wallpaper materials, it is only natural that the initial application of the technology was to produce Dimense digital 3D wallpapers. However, as the interest in the technology grows, so does the new application areas. Thus the company is currently developing solutions for roll-up banner, canvas, gift packaging printing with Dimense technology, as well as a self-adhesive version of the material, thus expanding its application horizons.

During FESPA 2018, Dimensor has received an EDP Award 2018 in Wallpaper solution category. As the technical committee stated: „It‘s the world‘s first printer that makes digital print and embossing simultaneously and effectively.“ The EDP Association grants the EDP Awards to the best products of the year to acknowledge the value of the research and development tasks of the industry. It is a real quality and innovation mark. The evaluation of the EDP Awards is based on innovation. The Technical Committee consists of a number of independent consultants, editors, engineers and other related professionals which judges the products on the value of the technical abilities they offer, which makes it one of the most prestigious awards in the industry.

Watch this short video of the VEIKA Dimense Printer RU FHD below:

Dimensor S allows simultaneous printing with embossing in a continuous way. It is made of two major components – inkjet printer and calander. For printing digitally embossed images special preparation of files as well as Dimense media and water based latex and structural inks are required. Printing Technology – piezoelectric inkjet, two staggered printheads; total amount of nozzles: 1440 (8 lines x 180 nozzles) in each printhead.

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