Mimaki JFX200- 2513EX flatbed printer from Josero gives new print partnership the ‘Wow’ factor

November 04, 2020

It’s been a busy few months for Lentico. The lenticular print specialist has acquired plastic card manufacturer Plastic Data Card in a deal that was completed in September 2020. The acquisition will see Lentico Directors Andrew Roblett and Robin Sumner join forces to take on the business, production facility and expertise of Plastic Data Card, while pooling the newly combined resources to expand and target new markets.

Double the number of businesses means the kit needs to keep up. Enter, the Mimaki JFX200- 2513EX flatbed wide-format printer. With speeds of up to 25 sq/m per hour, a wide range of inks including white and clear, and the ability to create 2.5D textured print, the LED-UV machine is ideal for producing creative applications to tight deadlines.

With many customers in the fine art and speciality print space, Lentico can’t afford to compromise when it comes to quality, and the Mimaki JFX200-2513EX can certainly deliver on that. Sumner explains: “Now that we have the Mimaki installed, we are noticing an improved difference in quality compared with our previous equipment. When our clients see the artwork produced on the new kit, they experience that ‘wow’ factor.”

He continues: “We did view competitors to the Mimaki, but in our opinion it was the market leader in terms of output quality and flexible advantage. We went out looking for a machine that would do us a really good job on lenticular print, and the Mimaki does that very well for us, but also includes additional features which will allow us to open doors and provide more services.

Having the ability to diversify is more important than ever, and I think the Mimaki gives us a couple of extra strings to our bow that we wouldn't have had with the previous wide-format printer. The 2.5D elements are allowing us to experiment and present our customers with an additional value proposition, informing our clients that we can also produce their lenticular artwork in 2.5D. We're adding a few other finishing touches, and will be able to give clients a sparkling finish that no one else can provide. It's certainly opening doors for us.”

With Plastic Data Card now on board, the equipment needs to accommodate increased requirements, and the Mimaki will certainly be playing a crucial role in the cross-fertilisation opportunities for the two businesses as they target demand for high-quality, personalised event tickets that add a layer of engagement and make the product special for the ticketholder.

Sumner explains: “Lots of people hold on to their event or concert tickets as keepsakes, and they're willing to pay extra for those tickets that have images and interaction, for example ticket that include the artists in 3D or tickets that are personalised for their entry, and have a collector’s item produced. The Mimaki will allow that hybrid of services between the two to work.”

In terms of Lentico’s acquisition of Plastic Data Card, ‘the stars aligned’, says Sumner, as the Kent-based business was a perfect fit for Lentico’s future plans. But as the businesses joined forces, how then to go about acquiring new equipment that suits their changing needs? That’s where Josero comes in.

Sumner explains: “We had looked at various suppliers, but Josero came to us with the best option. Josero was just more flexible and very understanding of our needs. When we bought the kit we had quite a tight deadline for delivery, and because we were also buying a company at the same time and moving in to new premises, Josero provided very flexible and proactive service to assist us with that, so I would give them 10 out of 10 for that customer service.”

Unsurprisingly, the acquisition brings with it ambitious plans for the future. Could this mean more equipment investment is on the horizon? Says Sumner: “In short, yes. We’ve got to catch up with ourselves a little bit first, but inevitably there will be more investment as production volumes increase and Josero will be our first port of call.”

The Mimaki JFX200-2513EX hasn’t been installed for too long, but it’s already having a significant impact on business. As Sumner explains, “The Mimaki is already getting potential clients excited. We sent out samples to some key retailers and we have been able to meet their requirements immediately, whereas two months ago we may have had to turn that work down. It’s great to be able to say that we now have the technology to produce at the highest possible standards, we can say to a customer with a very tight deadline, that we can certainly fulfil that order.”

Sumner concludes: “The Mimaki is starting to repay itself already, and for a piece of kit that's only been installed for a couple of weeks that is very reassuring. We can certainly say it was a wise investment, and it has brought a smile to our faces much quicker than we anticipated!”

For further information on Lentico, please visit www.lentico.co.uk.

For further information about Mimaki's products, including its full portfolio of printers and inks, please visit www.mimakieurope.com.

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