Second-hand does not mean second-rate from swissQprint

November 18, 2020
How investing in a pre-owned swissQprint large format printer may be a smart strategic move How investing in a pre-owned swissQprint large format printer may be a smart strategic move

Riding on international recognition of the ‘made in Switzerland’ brand name, the Swiss manufacturing sector possesses a strong competitive edge with advanced manufacturing capabilities, specialising in high quality and high value-added goods. Hence swissQprint’s world-class reputation for quality, reliability, technological innovation, craftsmanship and precision technology has resulted in a high demand for pre-owned swissQprint systems.

Such high demand is driven by the renowned reliability and performance of swissQprint, and a pre-owned system provides a perfect opportunity for those with a growing demand to upgrade to a high-performance dedicated flatbed printer. According to swissQprint’s UK managing director Erskine Stewart, a pre-owned system can represent a viable proposition for a company that might be risk-averse and unable to invest in a new system.

Swiss manufactured products generate demand on the basis of their quality and reliability”, says Mr Stewart. “A pre-owned system still remains a durable, long term investment and a pre-owned Impala represents a formidable investment and great value for money. Furthermore, all pre-owned systems are fully guaranteed and are covered by the same service warranties as a brand-new system, so in terms of cost and performance, the return on investment is quite remarkable.”

Refurbishment, the Swiss way

swissQprint works closely with customers when they are thinking about upgrading or replacing their existing swissQprint systems. They can offer customers a trade-in and then refurbish the preowned system for resale. In order to fulfil the market demand for pre-owned systems, the Swiss company’s UK centre in Bracknell, Berkshire has an area dedicated to the refurbishment of trade-in swissQprint systems.

This is where the printing machines undergo a deep clean and polish to bring them back to a high standard, and any worn parts such as bearings, belts and print heads are replaced and or upgraded to new to ensure that every printer that leaves the Bracknell centre adheres to swissQprint’s high engineering standards and unparalleled service ethos.

Prior to its delivery to the customer, the printer will be thoroughly tested and calibrated to ensure that the production quality of the output meets the standards set by swissQprint’s manufacturing plant in Kriessern, Switzerland.

Mr Stewart goes on to state that whenever a customer invests in a pre-owned swissQprint system they are still getting a product that is unsurpassed in reliability and precision, in the tradition of classical Swiss engineering. “This reflects the residual value of each and every machine we supply, and as such our ethos is to make every customer feel equally important as if they had ordered a brand-new model direct from our factory in Switzerland,” he concludes.

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